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Enjoy $40 for 14 days of unlimited yoga to get started.

Enjoy $40 for 14 days of unlimited yoga to get started.

Enjoy $40 for 14 days of unlimited yoga to get started.

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Welcome Home! We can’t wait to meet you.

Thank you for our incredible yoga family’s support! Together we will make it through this unusual time one breath at a time. We know how important your practice is, so we’ve worked around the clock to continue to serve you. Please join us for online classes with your studio home’s teachers until the studio doors re-open. We will meet you on your mat, as usual, but just you in your pj’s with you dog nearby.

Autopay members may access all On-Demand and Live classes via Namastream. Please see your email for login directions.

If you aren’t an Autopay Member (free access to our members), and you’d like to drop-in for a class online with us, we’d love to have you! Thank you for your support! Go to

We are wishing you good health, bountiful kindness and balanced breath.


Our yoga studio’s classes are designed to improve the physical health and mental acuity of individuals interested in improving their level of fitness in mind, body and spirit. Based on the ancient fitness science of hatha and ashtanga yoga, our classes are suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners. Our classes overcome the mystery of yoga by delivering a practical, user-friendly style, which is accessible, understandable, and doable by individuals at any level of fitness. In addition to our yoga class offerings, we also offer fit and bikram-style classes. We believe the mix of all our offerings provides you with a diverse class offering to fit all your fitness needs. Our instructors are all professionally trained and certified in order to provide you the highest-quality of safe and skilled guidance throughout your yoga practice. All our classes are conducted in our state-of-the-art, clean studio. We take great pride in our spa-like facilities and know you will find the environment to be calming and welcoming. The mission of our studio is to provide a loving and safe environment in which you feel challenged no matter your yoga experience so that you may find personal growth in your overall health. Yoga is a gift for the body and the mind. We believe that socially responsible companies prosper from good will and good Karma. Therefore, part of our mission is to offer karma projects for our community to enjoy.