“Why do I teach yoga? I had no idea why I was called to start practicing yoga, much less teach it. My body was literally drawn to the mat like metal is drawn to a magnet. It made no sense, because I had never really practiced yoga. But I soon learned that the power of the practice. It was transformative. And I believe things are revealed to us so that we can pass it on to others. I had a wise teacher who told me that the things we learn on our mats are not things that we are to hold on to and hoard but, rather, are the things that we are to give away. Yoga changed my life. So I teach in the hope that someone else will see and experience the power yoga holds to change the direction of our paths, and thus, our lives. I teach because I love the practice.  And who doesn’t want to share what they love with those around them?”


1.      Top Thing on Bucket List – Machu Picchu

2.     Favorite Cartoon as a kid – Smurfs 

3.      Movie Title for Your Life So Far – So… That Happened!

4.     Nerdiest Thing You do in Your Spare Time – Crochet

5.      Pineapple on pizza Yes or No – NO!

6.     When/Where was your first kiss – on a surf board

7.      What is a small thing that makes your day better – Coffee w/ Vanilla Creamer

8.   If you could be reborn as an animal (non human), what would it be and why – Orca. They are extremely loyal, intelligent and have mastered living in the ocean.

9.   Favorite piece of clothing you own and why – My Robe.  Because when I have it on I have no place I need to be!

10.  Something you are willing to share that NO ONE knows about you – Have we just met…. I’m an open book!

Why Yoga? Selfishness…with being pulled in 100 directions every day, others feel their priorities are more important than yours and I 25 traffic we decided to make OURSELVES a priority. Yoga give us the opportunity to be each other and ourselves for 60 or more minutes a day to be present as a human….a good human. 

What is our favorite class format?Well…that’s like asking who’s your favorite child/pet, right? We love Flow 1 after a workout. We so enjoyed the Sat class 10am 75 min Heated flow 2 and now have transition to the Hot and Flow on Sunday morning. Each class we take offers provides different fulfillment. Our favorite class depends on our mood, energy and area for that needs focus. Amy: I love the barre & the work out classes that I can pair with a yoga flow after.

How has yoga made a difference in our every day life & with each other? Well we both have expanded our yoga attire & now have two drawers of yoga/workout wear. (Amy has more) hahaha.  If we’re not practicing yoga we’re talking, thinking or googling/reading books about yoga stuff. It’s very encompassing for us. As well as getting into meditation & breathing.  Overall our selfishness has given us the ability to counter-balance the exterior pressures known as “life”. Yoga is a keystone to a centering of who we are as individuals and a couple.