I started teaching yoga in 2007 after several years of experiencing the life changing benefits through physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth that yoga brings. I continued my yoga education and received my 500 hr yoga certification in 2018. I love teaching yoga because it creates a strong community of like minded souls who are eager to tap into “SELF” and grow. If you aren’t growing then you become stagnant. Yoga has so many layers and limbs to explore that the learning never stops. It is the true evolution life and the ability to connect mind, body and spirit.

Things about me:

I have two daughters, both in middle school

I love dogs: I have three

I love pizza and a solid gluten free beer

I am a school social worker and I love working with the hardest and best kiddos

I love beaches and mountains

I have two tattoos. One is still in progress

I have been pierced in my ears, navle, tongue and nose throughout my life. Some stay, some don’t.

I love sunshine and summer

I am addicted to reading, especially YA books

One day I want to write a YA book

My dream job is to travel the world serving others through education and inspiration.

Yoga and my family are my two biggest must haves in this life.

My favorite yoga pose is ANYTHING upside down

I love to laugh.. I also love to swear.  

Why Yoga? 
Yoga is a great way to get your body moving at your own pace and as you get better your practice gets more challenging- yoga meets you where you are.  
What is your favorite class format and why? 
Hot Yoga for sure! I always think “the hotter the better….”plus I like the poses and the flow of the class.  Nothing beats walking out drenched on a cool day.
How has Yoga made a difference in your everyday life? 
I feel like it makes my day complete, it improves my concentration and perspective.  We have great instructors that encourage the evolution of mindfulness.