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Pura Vida is a Costa Rican phrase that has many meanings but captures the simplicity of the spirit that lives within this majestic country. People say it to each other as a greeting or a parting good-bye, to take it easy, or enjoy life, and as a reminder, it’s all good. It’s an expression of external and internal optimism.

How do you practice purity in life? Through love, gratitude, being comfortable even when you are uncomfortable, connecting with yourself and others, smiling, and having fun. It’s a practice that lights you up from the inside so that you shine happiness to experience and feel life.

Join us for a reset from your complex, day-to-day life full of schedules, technology and commitments. Enjoy mini-workshops focused on reflection, renewing and setting intentions. Experience open-air yoga in a tropical paradise just steps away from the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Gift yourself Pura Vida to return refreshed and connected to your whole being – mind, body and spirit.

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