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Open-Air Yoga

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Open-air yoga, salt of the ocean, sounds of the jungle.


Reset, Renew, Transform.

Pura Vida is a Costa Rican phrase that has many meanings but captures the simplicity of the spirit that lives within this majestic country. People say it to each other as a greeting or a parting good-bye, to take it easy, or enjoy life, and as a reminder, it’s all good. It’s an expression of external and internal optimism. Loving, master Teachers Jeanne & Becky will take you through an unforgettable yoga experience for ALL LEVELS of yoga students.

How do you practice purity in life? It’s a practice that lights you up from the inside so that you shine happiness to experience and feel life.

Join us for a reset from your complex, day-to-day life full of schedules, technology and commitments. Enjoy mini-workshops focused on reflection, renewing and setting intentions. Experience open-air yoga in a tropical paradise just steps away from the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica while the sounds of the jungle serenade you on your mat.

Meet your hosts: Join attentive yoga instructors Jeanne & Becky. Becky imparts the gift of serenity throughout the retreat through the use of her calming, grounding essential oils, stress relieving energy work and massages and soothing voice leading you into a deep peace filled savasana with the sound of waves coming to shore in the background. Jeanne found yoga as a source of strength and focus for marathon training years ago. Her journey took her to a place of grounding, balance and unconditional love for herself. She lives to encourage others in their own transformations to calm, grounding and unconditional love for self.

November 6-10

Single: $1695 pp

Double: $1395 pp

Triple: $1295 pp

Payment Plans Available 

Room, meals, two yoga classes per day, workshops, rental mats & props, special excursion and peace & serenity are included.  

Pre-scheduled shuttle service during pre-selected times on November 6 & 10 are included.

Airfare, alcohol, incidental costs, additional excursions are not included.

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